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Acknowledgements and Thanks
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The Road Goes On Forever

Ashley Hutchings

There are always so many people to thank when a project, such as this, finally makes it off the drawing board, and, in this case, on to the internet, any job never is, truly a "solo" album or whatever. First off, Ashley Hutchings, about whom this site is, after all. We've been listening to your music for 35 years, and have not tired of it, nor never will, from Dr K's Blues band, up on through Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, the Albion Bands, and everything in between. There are not enough Thanks, Ashley, any would fall well short of the mark. Just one thing...keep the music coming.
                          Next up, Dave Exton, now, we've thanked Dave, elsewhere on the site, but it never hurts to say it again, Thanks Dave!
                          Gary Gillard stand up and take a bow, your biographical discography was a never ending source of wonder and information, Thanks Mate!
                        What can we say about Mike Harding that hasn't been already said, his radio show, the music archives, the interviews, each one a gem...and the gem of gems, of course, are the interviews with Ashley Hutchings....keep'em coming Mike!
                                          The BBC , good old Auntie Beeb, the author of this website grew up with you, you provided him with many thousands of hours of pleasure, and your various websites continue to do so, though he lives in Canada, now. Thank You, Auntie!
                                            There's always a last, but not least, isn't there? Well in this case it certainly isn't the least. Leila this always was for you, though I don't think either of us knew it. I Love You.

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