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Albion Country Band

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No Roses

The Players

Shirley Collins - vocal
Ashley Hutchings - electric bass , percussion
Richard Thompson - electric guitar, lead electric guitar , slide electric guitar , acoustic 12 string guitar.
Simon Nicol - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal chorus.
Dave Mattacks - drums, sticks
Ian Whiteman - piano
Roger Powell - drums
Tim Renwick - electric guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar
Lol Coxhill - alto saxophone
Maddy Prior - vocal harmony
Dave Bland - concertina, hammer dulcimer
Tony Hall - melodeon
John Kirkpatrick - accordian
Dolly Collins - piano
Nic Jones - vocals and last fiddle solo
Barry Dransfield - fiddle, vocal chorus
Francis Baines - hurdy gurdy
Alan Cave - bassoon
Alan Lumsden - ophicleide
Steve Migden - French horn
Colin Ross - Northumbrian small pipes
Royston Wood - vocal , vocal chorus
Lal Waterson - vocals
Mike Waterson - vocals
Gregg Butler - serpent
Trevor Cozier - Jew's harp

When this album was first released in 1971, it was regarded as adventurous, combining a traditional English singer with 25 musicians, some from a folk background, other from the fields of contemporary rock and early music. It was an experiment which grew into a triumph, and sprang from the talents of Shirley Collins and Ashley Hutchings, both pioneers of their own right, in the first year of their marriage. Shirley, widely regarded as the doyenne of English traditional folk singers, had recorded her first album in 1959 for the highly respected American Folkways label, and subsequent albums were regarded as milestones, notably Folk Roots, New Routes made in 1964 with guitarist Davy Graham and Anthems in Eden, made with her sister Dolly in 1969 - the first album to unite traditional songs with early instruments, under the musical direction of David Monrow. Ashley Hutchings, a founder member of Fairport Convention, had left that pioneering band at the end of 1969, after recording Fairport's seminal Liege And Lief, and, still hooked on traditional music, had then launched Steeleye Span.


1.Claudy Banks [4:37]
2. The Little Gypsy Girl [2:16]
3. Banks Of The Bann [3:38]
4. Murder Of Maria Marten [7:28]
5. Van Diemen's Land [4:59]
6. Just As The Tide Was A 'Flowin [2:13]
7. The White Hare [2:43]
8. Hal-An-Tow [2:54]
9. Poor Murdered Woman [4:17