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I've seen unwholesome places,
Known many hopeless cases,
And read the pain in the faces
Of those who had no hope.

No matter what their ages,
Or if they held down wages,
I've filled these endless pages,
With those who'll never cope.

Now, some steal at leisure,
He never stole for pleasure,
Food and toys were treasure,
For the family, his pride.....

From Endless Pages

Tune: Traditional
Lyrics : Ashley Hutchings(from traditional sources)

Steve Knightley: vocal and mandocello
Pete Zorn: alto sax

Steve Knightley

Endless Pages(sample)


Bold Poachers

Concerning of three young men,
One night in January,
According to laws, contrary,
A-poaching went straight way.

They were inclined to ramble,
Amongst the trees and brambles
A-firing at the pheasants,
Which brought the keepers nigh

The keepers dared not enter,
Nor cared the woods to venture,
but outside near the centre,
In them old bush they stood.

The poachers they were tired,
And to leave, they were desired,
And, at last, Young Parkins fired,
And spilled one keepers blood.

Fast homeward they were making,
Nine pheasants they were taking,
When another keeper faced them,
They fired at him also.

He on the ground lay crying,
As like some person dying,
With no assistance nigh him,
They can't forgive their crime.

Then they were taken with speed,
All for that inhuman deed,
It caused their hearts to bleed,
For their young tender years.

There seen before was never,
Three brothers tried together,
Three brothers condemned for poaching,
Found guilty as they stood.

Exiled in transportation
Two brothers they were taken
And the other one hung as a token,
They can't forgive his crime.

Traditional Arr.

Recorded by Steeleye Span.
On their Parcel Of Rogues album.

This song is the traditional source used by Ashley Hutchings for his song Endless Pages.What Ashley has, in effect done, is taken the theme of Bold Poachers and updated it to modern times. This is the tenor of the whole of Street Cries, and  the sound bites of Endless Pages, and He's Young But He's Growing, sung by Cara Dillon, are  incredible, this is an absolutely stunning album, and one to seek out.

Cara Dillon

He's Young But He's Growing(Sample)

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